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      The folk ballet of the Universidad Austral de Chile is a university artistic group dedicated to expressive artistic socio-traditional Chilean and Latin American manifestations of music, dance and music instruments.

      The ensemble was founded in September 1979.  From the beginning, it has been directed by the professor Julio Mariangel Toledo. The performers participated in several TV programmes of the TV channels Nacional de Chile, Católica de Santiago y Valparaíso, Canal 10 y TV Sur de Valdivia. Many national artistic tours have been carried out across various regions of the country. The performers visited 60 cities. Since 1991, it has been participating in international festivals of university folk groups (Latin American events). The ensemble participates in many festivals and other evens not only in Chile, but also in Mexico, Peru, Japan, Italy, Colombia, Argentina, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany etc. In total, 123 cities were visited abroad. 

      Teachers, students, other members representing different careers at the university and people from the Valdivia community make up the group of 28–33 performers.
The ensemble comprises both dance and music groups, a costume, sound and light technical system group.
The prospective dancers and musicians are trained during one or two years before they perform in public. 

Art director 
Prof. Julio Mariangel Toledo