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      Folk Dance Community
      Our school was established in 2008 as an educational institution under the leadership of Mesut ACAR , a chairman of the board. Since then, our school promotes culture activities, consciously meeting the expectations of each student. 
      Turkish folk dance, one of the most important parts of Turkish culture, is taught from five years of age by Volkan YAŞAR, an art director of our school. We actualise our works by including dance styles of different parts of Turkey into our repertoire and enshrining our culture. 
      Our school participates in various events in Turkey and abroad. We ideally represent our school and our city. 
According to our mission, we are an educational institution which sustains our costume, traditions, dances and teaches our students how to successfully make a giant leap for the mankind from a kindergarten to a university. 

      Our group of Turkish folk dance came in third at the world contest of individual dance branches that took place in Andong, South Korea, in 2016. 

Mesut Acar
Art director
Volkan Yaşar 
Manolya Sarikaya