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      The folk ensemble “Djido” was founded in 1995. The association has about 300 active members of different ages performing in the folk ensemble, authentic song bands, folk orchestra and the amateur theatre. “Djido” bases its work on the authentic forms of folk art and in that way keeps dances, songs, costumes and customs from falling into oblivion. It pays special attention to the stage effect of the programme. The repertoire of “Djido” is rich and diverse, with choreographies mostly made by first-class Serbian choreographers.
      The ensemble has been recognised at the very beginning of its work and it represented Serbia at the international folk festivals in Spain, Italy, France, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Chine, Denmark etc.

Art director 
Milos Simic
Head manager of the folk orchestra 
Zoran Puzic