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      DON SANCHO was founded in 1994 as an Ethnographic Association dedicated to the collection and performance of Castilian folklore. From the moment of its creation, it has taught traditional culture to more than 1,500 people at different workshops, presentations and seminars for public institutions, associations, federations as well as at the Traditional Dance School in Zamora.
      It possesses one of the best collections of the traditional clothing of the West of Castile and Leon, with original pieces of the 19th and 20th centuries.
      It produced 3 recordings and also collaborated in the edition of a DVD of Zamora, “Spirits Dancing”, as well as in different TV and radio programmes of Castilla and León. It produced different projects and shows of innovations in traditional culture, projects including contemporary dance, acoustic environments of the tradition or for the diffusion of traditional culture on TV.
      The ensemble organised all editions of the International Folk Festival in Zamora. It also organises periodical Seminars of Traditional Culture in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum of Castile and Leon dealing with different aspects and studies of the popular culture.
      It belongs to the Spanish Federation of Folklore Groups (FEAF), with the UNESCO Status B, and is a member of the International Council of Dance.
      It represented the folklore of Zamora and Castille at national and international festivals, receiving great admiration and recognition for its sound, authenticity, variety and quality of the costumes s well as its energy on the stage.

Art director 
Antonio Martin
Asociación Etnográfica