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      The folk ensemble SABINOVČAN was founded in 1982. Mr Štefan Kucko was the founder and the first choreographer. The group resides in the cultural centre of Sabinov town situated in eastern part of Slovakia.
Presently, the SABINOVČAN consists of three sections: dancing, female singing, musical. The group has around 40 members who are 16–30 years old. The new members join from the children’s folk ensemble “Sabiník”.
      The SABINOVČAN has 30 performances per year. It performs at different cultural events, folk festivals, competitions, celebrations. The most important awards they have received: the 1st prize at a regional competition in solo singing and the 2nd prize at a regional competition in female group singing; 2nd prize at a state competition in solo singing in 2001; the 1st prize at a regional competition in female group singing, the 1st prize at a regional competition in small choreographies and the 3rd prize at a regional competition in great choreographies in 2004. Moreover, the SABINOVČAN participated at different festivals abroad: in Serbia, Italy, Poland, Turkey, France, Belgium, China, Algeria, Romania, Spain, Croatia.
      The ensemble performs choreographies from regions Spiš, Šariš and Zemplín: “krucena”, “karička“, “verbunk”, “čardáš”, “cigán”, “chorovod”.
      The boys’ costumes comprise an embroidered shirt, waistcoat, trousers, high boots with spurs, a long belt and a hat with feathers. The girls’ costumes comprise an embroidered blouse, waistcoat, a pleated skirt, apron, petticoat, high boots or shoes.

Art director 
Štefan Foriš 
Organising leader
Bakova Kvetoslava
Leader of musicians
Bak Ján
Leader of singers 
Lukčíková Katarína