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     “Shrusti Performing Arts” is a non-governmental organisation charitable trust based in India, performing arts with cultural groups since 1999 creating (producing and directing) cultural shows for events, festivals, musical shows and sporting ceremonies. 
      Since 2012, “Shrusti Performing Arts” is an official member of the IOV WORLD - The International Organization of Folk Art - an official partner of the UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. 
In 2016, “Shrusti Performing Arts” became an official member of the CID WORLD - The International Dance Council. The CID is an official partner of the UNESCO.
      “Shrusti Performing Arts”, which means an artistic ensemble, attempts to display the rich cultural heritage of the country and its people. It leads the spectator to an extravaganza of colour, rhythm, music & dance which is the pulse of the folk dances of India. “Shrusti Performing Arts” performs folk and tribal dances from different states of India, retaining the authenticity of each dance. 
      Folk dances are generally quite spontaneous and provoke peoples’ imagination and desire for artistic and emotional expression. Displaying no inclination towards a rigid form, the whole depiction of Indian folk art is guided more by a subject of songs glorifying devotion to the deities.   
      Tribal dances, like folk dances, are full of the same spontaneous freedom and natural grace. Living and moving in their natural surroundings, they are vivid, temperamental, strong, often primeval and filled with zest for living. 
Costumes of dancers from dessert regions tend to be bright, as though to compensate for the dryness of nature, while those from the lush green regions tend to be plain or white. Women’s costumes vary from saree worn in many different ways, to the sarong-like lungi and wide skirts. The men’s clothes range from the unstitched dhotis and bare chest to tapering trousers and waist coats. The adornments and jewellery of beads, shells, silver & gold also show the same variety and the same contemporary usage. 
      The most important component of the Indian folk music, be it from the north or south, east or west, is perhaps the range of percussion instruments and very different rhythms. 


“Shrusti Performing Arts”
Art director 
Jagdishpuri Goswami
Ankitkumar Patel