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      Folk music group “Dziga” was formed in 1991 and its aim is to popularise folklore dances and melodies of Latgale region, which often are self-collected, and to create folk-based dance and music programmes. 
      There are 7 musicians playing in the band “Dziga”, each playing at least three folk musical instruments, such as kokle (Baltic psaltery), cedar, drums, flute, accordion, violin, percussion instruments, etc.  
      The folk music group “Dziga” organises and participates in folklore expeditions in Latgale, carries out important work in identifying and popularising the folklore of Latvia. The musical material collected has been  recorded in several CDs: “Dzīd’ voi raudi tautu meita” (2000), “Zaļā duorzeņā” (2001), collaboration with  other Latvian folk music groups in recording studio’s “Upe” project “Danco Dievis” (2001), “Jančuks-dančuks” (2006), “Līc, māmeņa, vainuceņu” (2008), “Gotovs” (2013), “Gostūs” (2018).
      Folk music group “Dziga” has great experience in concert activities both in Latvia and at foreign festivals, city festival presentations and different events outside Latvia.

Dace Baltkaja