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      The folk group “Karagod” (in translation “the round dance”) was founded in 2002. We are small and mobile team of young people keen on the Slavic folk tradition. During the last years our team has changed, though we keep folk group traditions: we follow the folk round-year calendar, celebrate traditional holidays. Every member of the group creates his/ her own costume choosing any of central or northern Russia costume examples, studying its elements and embroidery.

      Karagod explores and performs songs of Latvian Slavic people, mostly Russians (old believers), trying to keep the specific manner, dialect and tempo of the original singers. There are also some Belarusian and Ukrainian songs in our repertoire. 

      We participated in numerous festivals and festive events in Latvia and abroad. We also attend thematic workshops to promote participants’ artistic development.

Art director 
Olga Bogdanova