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      In 1967, Manuel Ferreira Pio, assisted by a group of people related to folklore and traditions, founded a folk group named MonteVerde in Levada da Corujeira, Monte. This group performed at various events on Madeira island, including aboard ships, hotels and public facilities.
      In 1973, moved by a series of adversities, the group ceased its activity.
      On 14 February 2002, Mrs Natividade Mendonça, her husband and some children worked hard to recover the then extinct group. It is worth highlighting the merit and commitment of its artistic director, Alexandre Rodrigues, in the research and reproduction of costumes and the recovery of the classic repertoires of the old groups of folklore of MonteVerde and Livramento.
      Since 2011, the MonteVerde Folklore Group executes the “Manuel Ferreira Pio” International Gala of Ethnography and Folklore.
      In 2012, the group released their first CD, “Anda Comigo Maria Ver a Senhora do Monte” (“Come with Me, Mary, See Our Lady of Monte”).
      In 2014, the Monte Verde Folklore Group participated in its first international folklore festival outside Portuguese territory, specifically the 47th Folk Festival in the Mediterranean, held in Murcia, Spain, then in 2015, the Group returned to Spain and took part at an international festival in Tenerife, Canary Islands. In 2016, MonteVerde Folklore Group participated in the IPC Swimming European Open Championship held in Funchal as well as in the soap opera of the Portuguese TV channel SIC “Rainha das Flores” (“Queen of Flowers”) during the celebration of the Flower Festival. The Group toured to international folk festivals in Greece and Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, resumed its entertainment programmes on board cruise ships. In2018, MonteVerde participated in the “Traditional Culture: Practices and Registration” training, carried out by AFERAM (Association of Folklore and Ethnography of the Autonomous Region of Madeira) on the island of Porto Santo, Portugal.

Art directors 
Alexandre Rodrigues, Henrique Teixeira
Marco Mendonça