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      Our group was formed in 1983 in Pásztó. The group was named after the 805 m high Muzsla peak, which is near our town, Pásztó.
      At first, the choreographies were made of simpler dances. The group first qualified in 1988 led by László Ágoston who is still the person who leads and supervises the group comprising 80 upper school students.  
      The small region of Pásztó with nearly 33 thousand inhabitants is situated in the southern and south-western part of Nógrád county in Northern Hungary. Its geographical environment is characterised by the Mátra and the Cserhát mountains. Pásztó, the only town of the small region with the 805 m high Muzsla peak can be found at the foot of the mountain belonging to the Western Mátra, 80 km from Budapest. 


Art director 
Ágoston László 
Istvan Erdei