„Ritmos y Rai̇́ces Panameñas Ballet Folkclorico“ (Panama)

International Folk Contest-Festival “SAULĖS ŽIEDAS”

The Panamanian Rhythms and Roots Folkloric Ballet is Directed and founded on January 11, 1985 by Professor Edgar Alexis Villaverde with 38 years of experience at the National Level and 33 years of representing at the International level in countries such as: Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Russia, England, Belgium, Holland, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, United States, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Greece, Peru, Poland, Switzerland, Mexico, recently Winners of the “BEST COSTUME AWARD” in Turkey.

Folk ensemble „Ritmos y Raíces Panameñas Ballet Folkclorico“. Artistic director Edgar Alexis Villaverde