Final concert of the 9th International Folk Contest-Festival “Saulės žiedas” in Šiauliai (video)

International Folk Contest-Festival “SAULĖS ŽIEDAS”

The IX International Folk Contest-Festival “Saulės žiedas”, held in July 4-8 2023 in Šiauliai and the Šiauliai region, has become one of the largest international events of 2023 not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States. More than 800 performers from ten countries – Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Panama, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania – participated in it. ​
Participants of the festival ”Saulės žiedas” presented traditional culture of their countries, taught audience members traditional folk dances and songs, invited them to get involved in the festive whirlwind. At the final concert, special awards were given to the performers and the grand prize of the festival was presented.