„Grześ” (Lenkija)


The „Grześ’, Folk Dance Groupe came into being in March, 1984. The founder and meneger of the group frome the time of this formation has been Krzysztof Hawryluk. The first home of the group was „The Scout’s House” in the middle eighties (1985-86) the group was incorporated in the structures of Puławy Culture Center „Dom Chemika”. Since 1987 the group has been based in No 11 Primary School in Puławy. In 1994 the parent of the group’s members founded the „Grześ” Association and gave it its legal statuts. Since 2016 the band is looked after by the „For Folklore”.

Scout Song and Dance Group „Grześ“
Artistic director Lukasz Chojnacki