“Halychyna” (Ukraina)


Ensemble was founded in 1946. Recreation of unique standards and inexhaustible riches of vocal and choreographic folklore on stage contributed to ensemble success and for short time it gains acknowledgement and popularity. For 70 years of its existence “Halychyna” conquered hearts of numerous onlookers in Ukraine and from abroad. Europe, Australia and America have applauded us. “Halychyna” took part in of different folklore festivals : France, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, USA and Canada, etc. In 2000 the ensemble “Halychyna” became a member of International Organization of folk collectives and Festivals ( CIOFF ). The high creative reputation of the ensemble is a significant contribution of its orchestra. In the late 1960s, the orchestra gradually grew into a separate creative unit with an original instrumental and vocal-instrumental repertoire, including dances and songs of Western Ukraine, original works, and independent orchestral numbers. All colours of rainbow of Ukrainian Folk Dance – this is “Halychyna”. The original samples of folk singing and choreography of different ethnic regions of ancient Halychyna – this is “Halychyna”. The joy of communion with true art – this is “Halychyna”. So come and visit us and we will present you the fire in our hearts, the beauty of folk art, the sincerity of our feelings.

Artistic directors Oleksiy Bobkiv / Lesya Sologub